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also there is no need when I am in touch with my kingdom - to work hard or struggle or anything of that sort - things just fall into place without any effort - they just are -
sometimes what is in this kingdom is also outside in the world that other's see - or perhaps they do not see it - but it can be both inside and outside in the physical -


I am not trying to kid myself - but there is a place inside of me where nothing exists unless I want it to be there - remember that saying from the bible - the kingdom of heaven is within - well you can call it whatever you want - my kingdom of heaven I call Volord Kingdom - and within is exactly where it is - no matter what -
when I first started the idea of my own kingdom - I thought that it might be pretty far fetched - but in reality it is really simple to have this kingdom within my own mind where nothing can be denied me -
perhaps I don't say much on this blog or any of my blogs because I feel that when I place my images there - there is not much that needs to be said -


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