Thursday, July 24, 2008

some thoughts on social networking and the human race first posted on the Small Business Think Tank of RYZE

no - this thing - for me - now that I have seen both the video by harris and the one by the guy that started this twitter thing - is still really turning around in my mind - and then yesterday there was this glitch that when explained by the administration was caused by two things - one was the spammers being removed from all of those long or large groups of followers and then there was left some technical issue of where data was left (perhaps after the removal of all those spammers) but I am wondering after seeing that guy that started this thing - I think that it is an attempt to network various networks together to see what it is that happens - I mean the courier bag and the couriers being connected to the airlines and the people reporting in as to what and where they are eating - some of it is pretty far fetched and then again when you look at what life is like in Manhattan where I believe he stated he formulated his ideas while working at a courier service - next - however - besides everyone reporting in as to what they are doing and where they are doing it - then there will be the directives from central - and that is when things will get really hairy - will this guy and his system be able to send hoards of people from one end of the globe to another with some information that they put out that makes people who will have become so entranced or mesmerized by following whatever is being said by this person or that person and then per chance be so inclined to follow what the main directive is from -----above?

there were a few people with a lot of followers yesterday - who - when they saw that a great number of their followers were no longer there - felt as if they had lost a large chunk of their minds - that is a danger when working with tools like this that you have no way of recording or backing up what the administration deems is necessary to remove -

that is - not to criticize Kathy or any other network leader for what they see as their right - what I feel when I spend a great deal of thought and effort on making a post and then I find that it has been removed for whatever reason and this is why I would lean towards not doing such a wiping clean of the table - but might and have tended towards placing a question out to get the person who has made a post that I am not sure is quite appropriate on one of my networks (and this is tricky since I state no rules) as far as their own integrity goes - and if they choose to elaborate - fine - and otherwise they often just leave the post alone and it remains there with the question that I have asked and individuals reading this are then free to pursue PMs in order to explore further as to the intention and position of this person in relation to the offer made - which is always in a constant state of flux -

think that this is wrong - goes against some directive from above or RYZE admin - think of that book - Fahrenheit 451:

which is interestingly enough not available on Amazon at the present time -

and then think of the censorship of so many things - that is going on every single day right in front of our eyes - that my friends is a very dangerous thing to be taking place -

try not to let yourself lose your minds to anything - you may become not much more than machines then - something to --------dare I say that word around here -

think about -

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