Friday, May 9, 2008

All is well in the Kingdom -

While the use of my left eye is coming back very slowly - my mood has remain extremely positive and there has been absolutely no hinderance with any loss of vision in my ability to both do my assignments and to create my artistic - so let the show go on - :-)

Now where were we - this morning I was thinking about the fact that one fellow member Imagekind Artist Rob Dobi has created what he calls a viral website:

your scene sucks

and that his audience must be really fantastically tuned into the characters and ideas that he is talking about -

not so with me - I have no idea what anyone else is tuned into and I don't believe that there is but a handful of folks who might have any clue as to what it is that my thinking and my art is all about - but that may change - I will be thinking about this and looking to see if there is a way that I might be able to help it along - in the meantime enjoy whatever you are doing!:

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