Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mind - Your Beliefs and Perceptions

It is a strange thing about Giving or many other elements of thought -

It seems (at least in some ways) that whatever you believe seriously and wholeheartedly will be so for you -

For example if you believe in one thing and have no doubt about what it is that you believe in - then that will work for you - however if someone else hears or is presented the belief that I was just referring to and for whatever reason they do not believe in that (or believe that it is not true or will not work for them) then their belief which is different than the first person's belief - will be true for them - so the point is - that it seems that it does not matter what the belief is that you have - that is you believe strongly (In whatever it is) then that belief will in fact work for you - and most probably not necessarily for anyone else (unless they happen to have the identical same belief) and so whatever your belief is in the way of helping someone (in the above mentioned line of thinking about GIVING) if you carry it out with the full intention for it to help someone and you believe that it will - even if an outside observer may not perceive it as being helpful to the person who you intend to help - it will most probably with almost definite assurance do just what you intended it to do - help that person - in some way or other - which can be in any number of infinite ways including in ways that you or I could perhaps never ever have imagined beforehand.

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