Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It is very easy to become jammed up with what we know!

Today I sent my idea about black holes leading to other universes to Stephen Hawking e-mail address and I received a response that he receives too much mail to read or respond to any of what comes in - and that made me think of Einstein as well - who had an idea in his mind that he could not remove or go beyond despite the fact that he was not able to prove what he was working on and from all points of view pretty much stuck - the same perhaps will now happen to Stephen Hawkings who may be attempting to prove what he has speculated about black holes so far and by doing so will not be able to go beyond the point where he is now in order to ever be able to even read what I have written - never mind agree or disagree with it -

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Randall K said...

In Stephen Hawking's case it is probably even more so as his disability worsens. I have a lot of admiration for him, just for what he has accomplished despite his condition.