Monday, March 31, 2008

at least 90% is unseen

A phenomenon to many things that are indigenous to the way that things are set up naturally is that at least 90% of what is right in front of any person is not clearly visible to that person if at all - just as 90% of the Internet is not searchable or even 90% of the reason for anything occurring is not understandable - our senses fool or trick us into believing that we have seen something while in reality we have only seen perhaps if we are lucky 10% of what we think that we have seen - With this continuously occurring phenomenon it makes perfect sense to attempt to slow ourselves down in order to get a better understanding of anything -

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Lindy said...

Yet at the same time, we actually take in a lot more than we are conscious of noticing.

At a subconscious level, we take in cues and information, without realizing that too.

Humans are interesting creatures.

If only we could know what we know... without what we think we know, getting in the way.