Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pricing and your work - art or otherwise!!!

The only thing that I can tell you about pricing and your work is that you must remember that we are working with new rules in new times as far as I understand - and that many factors go into how a person may come up with a price in today's world whatever they hold a monopoly on basically what would determine that is:

1. How much (in the way of desire) they want to sell it -
a. how much money you needed at the time

b. how much they needed the money

c. how long they are willing to wait to get their price

d. if they really needed to sell a print at all

2. If there is any market at all for what they are selling

a. is the type of work they are selling available at that price anywhere at all?

b. are there individuals that will pay that type of price for some comparable image?

c. is there a sufficient body of work to help establish both the style and the credibility of the artist

d. does the artist have enough sales ability either by himself or with the help of various other individuals to create the perception that the work is worth what is being asked for

e. can all of the factors above be so timed and put together and presented in a way as to both allow the potential purchaser to perceive the piece of art as being worth much much more than is being asked for it and to want them to make the purchase at all

If you have any questions on any of the above please let me know - but to to sum all of that up:

You can ask for whatever price you want to - but ask yourself both if you need to sell your work for less than it is worth to you? and
can you afford not to sell it at all of no one is willing to pay your price at this very moment?

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