Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the universe and then what

During each step of man's developing understand of what things are made of (an exploration into the smaller and smaller worlds of what exists as we go inside what was thought to be before - the smallest particle that things could be broken down into - subatomic particle, we are continuously faced with the fact that there are many things smaller than what actually exists but the fact is that we cannot see these smaller things (whatever we will name them for whatever reason) until we (our minds) develop to such an extent so as to both understand that there are things (bits of matter) that are infinitely smaller than anything that we have conceived of before this point in time and that in order to find these bits of matter it is required that we also conceive of ways to both find these and measure them - then out search or quest becomes not a matter of discovery (for our mind does the discovering for us) but to be able to create the vessels and then start on the voyage in order to reach that destination that we have in our minds seen as the next step or stop where we would like to arrive at - the same goes for outer space-----

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