Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Infinite Set of Infinite Universes

Just as my good friend Isaac Asimov wrote about Infinite Sets if Infinite Numbers in his book "The Realm of Numbers," I believe that what we are faced with in a more encompassing reality are Infinite Sets of Infinite Universes which, when any one Infinite Universe is viewed from any other Infinite Universe we may see things that from the Infinite Universe in which we stand with the perspective from which we are viewing the elements in another Infinite Universe, it is most likely possible to view those elements in that other Infinite Universe which we are looking at as "not quite right" and therefore come to the conclusion(s) that something is amiss and needs to be fixed. At this point, this phenomenon might very well be compared to observing the cultural behaviors of people from different lands, and if we are not conscious of the cultural differences from one land to the next - well then the behaviors that we are observing in people whose cultural Infinite Universe is different than our very own cultural Infinite Universe will be perceived by us as being bad or incorrect or rude or having or requiring any number of negative labels placed upon these behaviors and I therefore believe that this is the basis for seeing art as being "bad" or needing adjustments when observed by any person who might think such judgement must definitely be placed on what they are observing!

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