Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How things work

If I take a drop of water from the ocean that drop is still made of the same substance as the ocean but from a certain perspective it seems as if it is no longer a part of the ocean - in reality all drops of water whether in the air or in the ocean in your kitchen sink or your bathtub and of course in a river, lake or creek are all part of the same substance of water - likewise all the matter that exists everywhere is like a drop of energy (just like the example of the drop of water above) and although any one drop of matter looks like it is separate from any other drop of matter it is all part of the same substance energy which has been shaped by other energy known as thought.

Relatively recently scientist have had two theories which they have been working on proving to explain the beginning of the universe and then to explain black holes and black matter and how all of these things fit together in order for them to understand the beginning of the universe and where it is going from here ----what will happen as time goes on - the latest theory referred to as string theory might help in the next step of understanding -----let's see ----

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