Wednesday, January 9, 2008

going outward after going inward -

Just as we have conceived and then developed the means both to sense and then measure the smaller and smaller bits of matter which make up that which we call matter here on earth - there is also a quest first with the mind and conception and then with the creation of those tool with which to sense and then measure that which we have conceived of in the voyage of the direction of outer space.

Right now, so far scientist and theologians have been referring to everything that they have conceived of so far as universe but know with the conception of string theory there have been conceived of the existence of a whole number - perhaps and infinite number of what we have been observing so far as our universe. Now the understand is that there are most probably (this means simply the conception is being formed and then there are the tools necessary to be created to discover or uncover these universes and measure them) some other explanation as well for both the big bang and both why and where this happens and where matter goes when it is absorbed by a black hole--------

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