Saturday, January 12, 2008

A difficulty in focus

Very often we are hindered in making great strides in learning new material and expanding our concepts of ideas and knowledge because of incidences and things that happen in everyday life which become overwhelming and take our focus of the main direction that we had been going in -

Take for example the World Trade Center in this picture - it is very beautiful and although it was the most tragic thing that has every happened to this country - for two reasons - one because it was just unthinkable that we have been attached on U.S. soil - and the Department of Homeland Security is an excellent program that has been created as a result of this tragic event, but it is even more tragic if the focus in the direction of growth and prosperity that we have been on for quite some time now is lost - that will be an even bigger tragedy -

It is imperative that we not lose our drive, focus and tenacity in our continued expansion of knowledge and growth in this world - and that we therefore continue on to make greater and more meaningful strides in the directions that we have been and continue to be headed in!

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