Thursday, October 2, 2008

with love

Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Do everything within this Kingdom's boundaries with kindness, gentleness and above all with love such that there will never be any regrets - none whatsoever!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

growth of the kingdom

the kingdom is growing in so many different ways in so many directions that it is almost difficult to keep an eye on all of it - the only way that I really can enjoy all of what I am seeing is by remaining in the mindset of doing things in moderation - and to go slowly - this keeps everything in balance within myself and insures that I will be able to enjoy everything that I am seeing on the way - all of it!

Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

I had never seen this particular area during this particular time of the year especially during the time when there is a festival being held - oh how lavish and fruitful the plants and trees are here this year - we are truly in a most magnificent time - and enjoying every moment of it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

some thoughts on social networking and the human race first posted on the Small Business Think Tank of RYZE

no - this thing - for me - now that I have seen both the video by harris and the one by the guy that started this twitter thing - is still really turning around in my mind - and then yesterday there was this glitch that when explained by the administration was caused by two things - one was the spammers being removed from all of those long or large groups of followers and then there was left some technical issue of where data was left (perhaps after the removal of all those spammers) but I am wondering after seeing that guy that started this thing - I think that it is an attempt to network various networks together to see what it is that happens - I mean the courier bag and the couriers being connected to the airlines and the people reporting in as to what and where they are eating - some of it is pretty far fetched and then again when you look at what life is like in Manhattan where I believe he stated he formulated his ideas while working at a courier service - next - however - besides everyone reporting in as to what they are doing and where they are doing it - then there will be the directives from central - and that is when things will get really hairy - will this guy and his system be able to send hoards of people from one end of the globe to another with some information that they put out that makes people who will have become so entranced or mesmerized by following whatever is being said by this person or that person and then per chance be so inclined to follow what the main directive is from -----above?

there were a few people with a lot of followers yesterday - who - when they saw that a great number of their followers were no longer there - felt as if they had lost a large chunk of their minds - that is a danger when working with tools like this that you have no way of recording or backing up what the administration deems is necessary to remove -

that is - not to criticize Kathy or any other network leader for what they see as their right - what I feel when I spend a great deal of thought and effort on making a post and then I find that it has been removed for whatever reason and this is why I would lean towards not doing such a wiping clean of the table - but might and have tended towards placing a question out to get the person who has made a post that I am not sure is quite appropriate on one of my networks (and this is tricky since I state no rules) as far as their own integrity goes - and if they choose to elaborate - fine - and otherwise they often just leave the post alone and it remains there with the question that I have asked and individuals reading this are then free to pursue PMs in order to explore further as to the intention and position of this person in relation to the offer made - which is always in a constant state of flux -

think that this is wrong - goes against some directive from above or RYZE admin - think of that book - Fahrenheit 451:

which is interestingly enough not available on Amazon at the present time -

and then think of the censorship of so many things - that is going on every single day right in front of our eyes - that my friends is a very dangerous thing to be taking place -

try not to let yourself lose your minds to anything - you may become not much more than machines then - something to --------dare I say that word around here -

think about -

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Volord Kingdom

A place you can only dream about!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My favorite Subject

My favorite subject may be my only subject ever -

Friday, May 9, 2008

The creation of Robo Man and the whole Man family -

Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

and you can see the whole Man Family:

All is well in the Kingdom -

While the use of my left eye is coming back very slowly - my mood has remain extremely positive and there has been absolutely no hinderance with any loss of vision in my ability to both do my assignments and to create my artistic - so let the show go on - :-)

Now where were we - this morning I was thinking about the fact that one fellow member Imagekind Artist Rob Dobi has created what he calls a viral website:

your scene sucks

and that his audience must be really fantastically tuned into the characters and ideas that he is talking about -

not so with me - I have no idea what anyone else is tuned into and I don't believe that there is but a handful of folks who might have any clue as to what it is that my thinking and my art is all about - but that may change - I will be thinking about this and looking to see if there is a way that I might be able to help it along - in the meantime enjoy whatever you are doing!:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Partial territory of areas included in Volord Kingdom,2941,4520,00.html,redirect,30

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plato on Kingship -

For what is really Kingship must not itself perform practical tasks but control those with the capacity to perform them because it knows when it is the right time to begin and set in motion the most important things in cities and when it is the wrong time and the others must do what has been prescribed for them -

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mind - Your Beliefs and Perceptions

It is a strange thing about Giving or many other elements of thought -

It seems (at least in some ways) that whatever you believe seriously and wholeheartedly will be so for you -

For example if you believe in one thing and have no doubt about what it is that you believe in - then that will work for you - however if someone else hears or is presented the belief that I was just referring to and for whatever reason they do not believe in that (or believe that it is not true or will not work for them) then their belief which is different than the first person's belief - will be true for them - so the point is - that it seems that it does not matter what the belief is that you have - that is you believe strongly (In whatever it is) then that belief will in fact work for you - and most probably not necessarily for anyone else (unless they happen to have the identical same belief) and so whatever your belief is in the way of helping someone (in the above mentioned line of thinking about GIVING) if you carry it out with the full intention for it to help someone and you believe that it will - even if an outside observer may not perceive it as being helpful to the person who you intend to help - it will most probably with almost definite assurance do just what you intended it to do - help that person - in some way or other - which can be in any number of infinite ways including in ways that you or I could perhaps never ever have imagined beforehand.

Monday, March 31, 2008

at least 90% is unseen

A phenomenon to many things that are indigenous to the way that things are set up naturally is that at least 90% of what is right in front of any person is not clearly visible to that person if at all - just as 90% of the Internet is not searchable or even 90% of the reason for anything occurring is not understandable - our senses fool or trick us into believing that we have seen something while in reality we have only seen perhaps if we are lucky 10% of what we think that we have seen - With this continuously occurring phenomenon it makes perfect sense to attempt to slow ourselves down in order to get a better understanding of anything -

The Money Series

Now that the Money Series is on display the Kingdom feels more complete:

After one year and three months of working diligently with the Imagekind System and Team, Walter Paul Bebirian (that's me) has, after giving careful consideration to and establishing for himself that the Imagekind System is now both secure and suitable enough, has decided to and gone ahead with establishing the first ever Gallery containing "The Money Series 1" images.

This step is made in part by Walter Paul Bebirian in order to express both confidence in the Imagekind System's superior advantages over any other imitations and attempts at presenting art in a totally unique way that is or might attempt to do the same on the Internet, and as a show of support for the great efforts and strides that the Imagekind Team as well as it's Executives have made throughout the year in upholding to and carrying out above and beyond evey one of the promises that they have made towards upgrading and adding to the Imagekind Main Site as well as the growth that the entire organization has maintained by bringing in new and varrying groups of partners as well.

Towards their continued success in this endeavor, it is hoped that this event will put the finishing touches on their well deserved accolades! - well done Imagekind!

The Installation of this series on the Imagekind System was officially completed at 5:30AM on Sunday of March 30, 2008, and will be on continuous display in the BebirianGallery_THE_MONEY_SERIES_1 - on the Imagekind System, accessible through the url from this day forward.

Visitors from all parts of the world are welcome to view these images 24 hours per day 365 days per year and to leave any comments that they may feel appropriate to enhance the importance of this exhibit - while taking part in their own way in this historic event!

Purchase inquiries of any prints of the images in this Series in this particular gallery must be directed to the staff and Imagkind reachable by phone at 1 - 888 - 264 - 1446 while art/greeting cards may be purchased directly through the Imagekind check-out system.

Any additional inquiries may be directed to the artist through the mail system provided at Imagekind for visitors to communicated with the artist directly.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

thank you!


All images in the referred to Gallery: Copyright: Walter Paul Bebirian

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More about black holes

The more I think about my earlier contemplation about black holes and that they at some different point from where we are viewing them from are giving birth to newer Universes - the more that I see clearly just how this is possible and most probably what is occuring in so many directions -

Friday, March 7, 2008

Interview out today!

An Interview with 1st Angel has come out today at the Art Blog - 1st Angel and Friends:

1st Anel's Interview with Walter Paul Bebirian at the Artists Blog

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It is very easy to become jammed up with what we know!

Today I sent my idea about black holes leading to other universes to Stephen Hawking e-mail address and I received a response that he receives too much mail to read or respond to any of what comes in - and that made me think of Einstein as well - who had an idea in his mind that he could not remove or go beyond despite the fact that he was not able to prove what he was working on and from all points of view pretty much stuck - the same perhaps will now happen to Stephen Hawkings who may be attempting to prove what he has speculated about black holes so far and by doing so will not be able to go beyond the point where he is now in order to ever be able to even read what I have written - never mind agree or disagree with it -

Amish Tobacco Farms and Fields in Paradise, Pennsylvania

One of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in Volord Kingdom are the many beautiful Tobacco Farms and Fields such as the one shown above that are located in our Paradise section of Volord Kingdom - owned and operated my the Amish families in this area - the absolutely beautiful way they design these fields is breathtaking!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunrise over Southampton

One of my most favorite places of all in the infinitely expansive Kingdom of Volord is Southampton Beach which epitomized in this image - Sunrise over Southampton:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Volord Kingdom mentioned on squidoo lens - FluctuatingAbstract ionism

FluctuatingAbstract ionism on squidoo mentiones Volord Kingdom

Some thoughts from Voloed Kingdom have just recently shown up on the squidoo lens - FluctuatingAbstract ionism - see what it is all about and add you comments -

Dave's Girls

Getting to the Top with Dave -

Friday, February 29, 2008

Volord Kingdom is nowhere and everywhere!

There is no specific place on earth or anywhere in any of the universes that you or anyone else can either travel to - see or even imagine -- nowhere that I can point to or draw or paint or describe with words and say to you ---this or that is part of Volord Kingdom - and yet Volord Kingdom is right here with me wherever I go - no matter what it is that I am doing!

It can neither be changed - created nor destroyed by anyone - never!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pricing and your work - art or otherwise!!!

The only thing that I can tell you about pricing and your work is that you must remember that we are working with new rules in new times as far as I understand - and that many factors go into how a person may come up with a price in today's world whatever they hold a monopoly on basically what would determine that is:

1. How much (in the way of desire) they want to sell it -
a. how much money you needed at the time

b. how much they needed the money

c. how long they are willing to wait to get their price

d. if they really needed to sell a print at all

2. If there is any market at all for what they are selling

a. is the type of work they are selling available at that price anywhere at all?

b. are there individuals that will pay that type of price for some comparable image?

c. is there a sufficient body of work to help establish both the style and the credibility of the artist

d. does the artist have enough sales ability either by himself or with the help of various other individuals to create the perception that the work is worth what is being asked for

e. can all of the factors above be so timed and put together and presented in a way as to both allow the potential purchaser to perceive the piece of art as being worth much much more than is being asked for it and to want them to make the purchase at all

If you have any questions on any of the above please let me know - but to to sum all of that up:

You can ask for whatever price you want to - but ask yourself both if you need to sell your work for less than it is worth to you? and
can you afford not to sell it at all of no one is willing to pay your price at this very moment?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Diamond Discovery

There has been a Great Diamond Discovery here in Volord Kingdom which because of it's great significance has indicated that there are so many more possibilities that previous ever imagined:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Greeting Cards now Available!

Specially priced Art Greeting Cards can now be purchased through with any one of my images available at that location - stop by and take a look and purchase your greeting cards for those special people in your life!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here - it is impossible to fail!

Here is a place where we know that it is impossible to fail, where kindness to others does not jeopardize our existence, our life, or feelings, our nature, or anything at all remotely connected with our being-ness, and where there is no way that we could ever be considered as failures in being ourselves - the only being that is our responsibility to be here on this planet or wherever else we may happen to travel to -

Monday, February 4, 2008


Very often when I attempt to imagine what heaven is like for me a scene like this:

and me just simply being able to look out over it and enjoy the feelings from being able to comes to mind!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Expanding Kingdom

The larger my Kingdom becomes - the less I and my significance in the Kingdom become:

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sherlock Holmes and the Global War on Terror!

Stay tuned!

Remember it's elementary my Dear Watson!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Infinite Set of Infinite Universes

Just as my good friend Isaac Asimov wrote about Infinite Sets if Infinite Numbers in his book "The Realm of Numbers," I believe that what we are faced with in a more encompassing reality are Infinite Sets of Infinite Universes which, when any one Infinite Universe is viewed from any other Infinite Universe we may see things that from the Infinite Universe in which we stand with the perspective from which we are viewing the elements in another Infinite Universe, it is most likely possible to view those elements in that other Infinite Universe which we are looking at as "not quite right" and therefore come to the conclusion(s) that something is amiss and needs to be fixed. At this point, this phenomenon might very well be compared to observing the cultural behaviors of people from different lands, and if we are not conscious of the cultural differences from one land to the next - well then the behaviors that we are observing in people whose cultural Infinite Universe is different than our very own cultural Infinite Universe will be perceived by us as being bad or incorrect or rude or having or requiring any number of negative labels placed upon these behaviors and I therefore believe that this is the basis for seeing art as being "bad" or needing adjustments when observed by any person who might think such judgement must definitely be placed on what they are observing!

How did I get started in photography and art?

Inspired by a question from my friend Nate at Imagekind last night who asked - " did you get started in photography and art?" I answered this question with these words:

As far as getting started - there were a few influences - the story goes (that I can remember very vividly) I was a seven year old boy when one day my father and I had gone into his Greek friend's laundromat and I was staring at the sign that listed the cost per ound to have a person's wash done by the laundromat (it was not a self serve - as far as I recall) and out of the clear blue wall that was next to the sign - my father (whose job was as a cop in Greenwich Village, New York City at the time) asked me in a very interrupting way - "so what do you want to be when you grow up?" (I believe this was probably a question inspired in him by his Greek friend who was rather an agressive business man as I remember Nick to be - yes Nick the Greek) and I quickly got a picture in my mind of the blue uniform of both the local cops and the local firemen (both this dark colored blue sort of thing) and a red fire engine passing me by in my mind (these are the two jobs that most of the father's in
my neighborhood occupied at that time) and I quickly blurted out like the seven year old that I was thinking that my father would be proud and responsive to me wanting to be like him - a cop or a fireman - his response - a quick and deep throated - "no your not!!!" - and till this day (his 91st birthday is coming up this February) he has never said a word about that issue since!

Well getting back to the story - a few weeks later my eighth birthday showed up and my parents gave me a brownie camera - and so in my mind I figured that my father didn't want me shooting a gun or some such issue with the job that he had (I simply dropped the fireman side of the equation altogether) and so I figured that they were inviting me to shoot with the camera and that is what I have been doing ever since - I might also add that my mom was a fashion - pattern maker and somewhat of an artist and one of my uncles (Jack Arabian) was a TV projectionist at ABC for many years and I remember visiting the studios of ABC when I was seven as well soI would probably surmise that I decided to be influenced by both my mother's artistic talent and my uncles total absorption by both the media world and inventing *(he has some very substantial inventions under his belt as do several of my close relatives) and to leave some of my father's other talents in with this mix (he was a perfect shot at the firing range *- 100%) and genius as far as mathematics is concerned - both which I can relate to - as well as the person who was the PBA union delegate collecting the dues money from the other officers in the precinct - *(that I will get into at another time) and so the whole thing is that in a sense I am still an eight year old boy when I get behind the camera!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

a bowl of fruit

If life give you a bowl of fruit - enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the passing of time -

The passing of time will never see this exact moment again -

nor any of the moments surrounding us -

Monday, January 14, 2008

Every moment -----

Every moment is filled with Miracles ........

Infinite Universes -

Each individual person's lives in infinite universes and therefore there are the number of individuals on the planet times infinity that constitutes the number of universes in existence at any one point in time in addition to those that have not yet been discovered both in outer space and inwardly!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

some family members just will not cooperate!

in those cases we just have to accept them as they present themselves to us -

So many forces -

There are so many forces in nature yet to be harnessed:

that we cannot allow any of the greatest achievements nor the worst attrocities even begin to distract us from moving forward and accomplishing so much greater:

Never forgetting means more about growing from where we are or have been and doing the most possible to not allow the negative forces to get in our way - ever!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

harnessing the vast energy that surrounds us

Although it may not be as constant as we would like, just as the sun is constantly being blocked off by the clouds, there is nevertheless a great deal of energy within the waves of the ocean just as the constant burning of the gases of the sun are a powerful source of energy -

It is just a matter of time before there are new discoveries as well as new looks taken at old ideas of ways of harnessing these sources of energy and great leaps of progress are begun to be made -

A difficulty in focus

Very often we are hindered in making great strides in learning new material and expanding our concepts of ideas and knowledge because of incidences and things that happen in everyday life which become overwhelming and take our focus of the main direction that we had been going in -

Take for example the World Trade Center in this picture - it is very beautiful and although it was the most tragic thing that has every happened to this country - for two reasons - one because it was just unthinkable that we have been attached on U.S. soil - and the Department of Homeland Security is an excellent program that has been created as a result of this tragic event, but it is even more tragic if the focus in the direction of growth and prosperity that we have been on for quite some time now is lost - that will be an even bigger tragedy -

It is imperative that we not lose our drive, focus and tenacity in our continued expansion of knowledge and growth in this world - and that we therefore continue on to make greater and more meaningful strides in the directions that we have been and continue to be headed in!

Friday, January 11, 2008

is it space or is something there?

What I am wondering now is whether what looks like empty space to us is really that or is there some other material that we have not yet been able to sense because we have not believe that is was there?

the biggest question for the moment -

If 98% of everything is still yet undiscovered - why would we want to explore discovering what is unknown or even a fraction of what we do not yet know?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

but what does this all mean -

Simply put because thought is infinite - how we can imagine greater and greater things or smaller and smaller things can keep going without our reaching an end - it is just a matter of time and development of man's use of his mind in the direction of this process of conception sensing and measuring before he will be able to see from a certain perspective over time that there need be no end to this discovery process and therefore no beginning and no end to volord another word for everything which we have so far conceived of and also that all of that of infinity which we have not yet conceived of.

the next step -

consider the black hole or as we see today an infinite number of black holes like tremendously large vacuum cleaners sucking up various tremendous amounts of matter in the form of stars and solar systems and galaxies - what does it do with this matter? - where would these black holes go with all of the tremendous amounts of matter that they are virtually eating up?

Imagine the black hole in the shape of a twister here on earth - that twister many not be black since we can see it because we can see the particles of matter going in and pretty much coming out - but perhaps fast enough so that things become a blur as this process is taking place -

Now back to the black hole - let us imagine that the black hole that we are observing from the very top (let's say) of its twister shaped form is so powerful a vacuum that it is swallowing stars and galaxies and such large parts of our universe that as scientists have stated we cannot visibly see the matter once it has gone into the black hole because of its powerful suction force -

Now here is where we need a bit more imagination - imagine that this black hole is in the shape of the twister and if we look at it from the bottom end - a very small end of this cone - that we do not see the large funnel end but just a single point or what may be referred to a singularity - and then it spits out the matter that it has been sucking up from one end and then spits it out at the other end - forming an entirely new universe - (which might be perceived as a point of a big bang) -

If we imagine this happening infinitely with an infinite number of black holes and an infinite number of universes outside of our very own - we can see that there is a long way to go before we even come close to the next step in the process of understanding conception - sensing and measuring before we can even begin to say that we have begun to get anywere -

going outward after going inward -

Just as we have conceived and then developed the means both to sense and then measure the smaller and smaller bits of matter which make up that which we call matter here on earth - there is also a quest first with the mind and conception and then with the creation of those tool with which to sense and then measure that which we have conceived of in the voyage of the direction of outer space.

Right now, so far scientist and theologians have been referring to everything that they have conceived of so far as universe but know with the conception of string theory there have been conceived of the existence of a whole number - perhaps and infinite number of what we have been observing so far as our universe. Now the understand is that there are most probably (this means simply the conception is being formed and then there are the tools necessary to be created to discover or uncover these universes and measure them) some other explanation as well for both the big bang and both why and where this happens and where matter goes when it is absorbed by a black hole--------

the universe and then what

During each step of man's developing understand of what things are made of (an exploration into the smaller and smaller worlds of what exists as we go inside what was thought to be before - the smallest particle that things could be broken down into - subatomic particle, we are continuously faced with the fact that there are many things smaller than what actually exists but the fact is that we cannot see these smaller things (whatever we will name them for whatever reason) until we (our minds) develop to such an extent so as to both understand that there are things (bits of matter) that are infinitely smaller than anything that we have conceived of before this point in time and that in order to find these bits of matter it is required that we also conceive of ways to both find these and measure them - then out search or quest becomes not a matter of discovery (for our mind does the discovering for us) but to be able to create the vessels and then start on the voyage in order to reach that destination that we have in our minds seen as the next step or stop where we would like to arrive at - the same goes for outer space-----

How things work

If I take a drop of water from the ocean that drop is still made of the same substance as the ocean but from a certain perspective it seems as if it is no longer a part of the ocean - in reality all drops of water whether in the air or in the ocean in your kitchen sink or your bathtub and of course in a river, lake or creek are all part of the same substance of water - likewise all the matter that exists everywhere is like a drop of energy (just like the example of the drop of water above) and although any one drop of matter looks like it is separate from any other drop of matter it is all part of the same substance energy which has been shaped by other energy known as thought.

Relatively recently scientist have had two theories which they have been working on proving to explain the beginning of the universe and then to explain black holes and black matter and how all of these things fit together in order for them to understand the beginning of the universe and where it is going from here ----what will happen as time goes on - the latest theory referred to as string theory might help in the next step of understanding -----let's see ----

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Call this home -

How nice it is to be able to call this home at least for a few days out of the year every once in a while. I cannot express how much of a joy it is to be able to both feel so peaceful where I am staying and also how much that same feeling is everywhere in the surrounding area, for this is truly Paradise!