Sunday, December 9, 2007

What I start out with

At this point in time it is clear that I have many varying and divers abstract images as well as many simple photographs which can be converted or transformed into various other abstract images infinitely.

I have spent a good part of the the last 6 years developing the skills to create such abstract images with the tools available to me on the computer utilizing the software program photoshop, however this has not only been an exercise in creating abstracts but more of an exercise in exploring various inner worlds and the many directions that focusing on them have and will take me.

Previous to those six years there had been a build up of photographically created images which were both created for commercial usage and images which I had taken on a self directed basis, all with the basis in mind that eventually - perhaps after another 30 or 40 years from this point in time, that I would have a sufficient amount of work and also perhaps enough of a credible basis for securing the acknowledgement from various curators, art directors and art critics, to move forward at such a later date with putting on a number of gallery exhibitions of my work.

In the mean time a few things occurred to change the course or direction which I was on and that was pushing me in the original direction described above .

First I was introduced to the potential uses of the computer in it's primary stages and then I developed various communication skills along with the advancement of the computer and it's development to be used as a communication tool and to help conveyr certain ideas and conceps beyond previously ellusive boundaries.

Next I became familiar with and began exploring with the world of first digitizing some of my previously created images using scanners digital printers and then how these images could be both placed in a computer and then transferred to various web sites on the Internet and/or transferred to various other parties via e-mail or other systems for their use and/or enjoyment.

This opened up not only one or two new worlds for me but an infinite number of previously invisible worlds were beginning to glimmer out from behind the previously dark screen.

Next came photoshop and the true meaning of Infinite Generation for me.

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