Friday, December 28, 2007

the plain part of the Kingdom

A section of my kingdom lies in the Paradise, Pennsylvania area where the influence of the plain philosophy and exemplary living of the Amish takes over.

Submerging myself in this Paradise here on earth transforms my entire being into a totally different sort of peacefulness where I am content to live a more plain and very different life such as I was introduced to some 36 years ago.

Although it seems as if this introduction took place a lifetime ago, and relative to some lives it did, there are some steps that I have taken that has brought me closer to the environment and living that exists in the Lancaster area and more specific recently in Paradise such that I believe that in some way I am on a very thin edge with being in a place which I set out to become involved with and perhaps a part of such a very long time ago.

As I approach this particular state of being more at one with this environment I wonder as well if it is in doing this that I begin to feel more separate from both the environment where I grew up, the environment that I am actually living in in this point in time, separate from the many worlds that I have been introduced to over the years through movies, television and films, and even so very separate from the many worlds which seem to be generated from either the thoughts that come to me or those that are emanating from the art that I am continuously producing on a daily basis.

This causes me to wonder as to both if and is so then when will all of these merge into an environment in which I may begin to feel a little more settled into than any of the one's that I have mentioned till now, none of which I have totally felt at home with as of yet.

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